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This information is provided according to "Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council" of 27 April 2016, as well as Legislative Decree 196/03 ("Code regarding the protection of personal data") and refers exclusively to the administration of questionnaires from Agnese Verdelli to its customers.

The interested party (i.e. the user to whom a questionnaire is administered by Agnese Verdelli) is invited to carefully read this Privacy Policy, before communicating any type of information/personal data and/or completing any electronic form made available by Agnese Verdelli.

The data controller is Agnese Verdelli, with a registered office in Via Fiorentina 168, 52100 Arezzo.

Agnese Verdelli uses Google Forms technology. Therefore, cookies and navigation data as well as the data entered by interested parties are collected and processed by Google which subsequently sends them to Agnese Verdelli.

The data controller is Google Ireland Limited (“Google”) - a company incorporated and operating under Irish law (Registration number: 368047), with headquarters in Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland - is appointed EXTERNAL DATA CONTROLLER TREATMENT, regarding the treatments carried out by him (cloud data management for Google Forms and associated services), based on the articles. 4 and 28 of the European Regulation 679/2016 and the regulations regarding personal data protection.

Google is responsible for any personal information provided to third parties for external processing on its behalf by the Onward Transfer Principle, as described in the section on sharing user information.

For more information on how Google processes data click here.


To consult Google's compliance with the GDPR click here.


Regarding where your data is processed, you can consult the list of Google data center locations available here.


Agnese Verdelli, for her part, undertakes to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data collected, according to current legislation. The provision of data is optional.

The legal basis of the processing can be identified in the legitimate interest of the Data Controller, to obtain information on the recipient's state of health and on how to set up the shiatsu treatment based on his needs. To request the customer's email address if he intends to receive a newsletter. To send documentation and updates of your products and/or services, to collect feedback on their use.

The questionnaires also ask for personal data (name, age, date of birth), telephone number, and email address. Data relating to criminal convictions or crimes are not processed in any way.

We inform you that the data you voluntarily provide through the questionnaire will not be recorded on other media and/or devices.

The data collected is not communicated or disseminated in any way. This data has a maximum expiration of ten years, beyond which such data may no longer be representative and useful for correctly analyzing the data subject's situation.

The interested party can exercise the rights referred to in the articles. 15-22 of regulation 2016/679, including that of requesting a consultation, updating, correction, or deletion of data, as well as that of opposing the processing for legitimate reasons, by contacting the data controller at Shiatsu.agnese .


Last update January 2024.

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